Free Keyword research tools for beginners (live proof)

Keyword research is the first and most important step of blogging. without keyword research, it is almost impossible to get a position in SERP (search engine results page)

Free keyword research tools for beginners

Pro-bloggers pay hundreds of dollars per month only in keyword research tools but this is not possible for beginners to afford such expenses. So, I am going to reveal you free keyword research tools for beginners.

Let’s understand what is keyword research and why it is mandatory.

What is keyword research-

According to the prominent SEO tool Moz “keyword research is a fundamental SEO task that involves identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines”.

This is basically a methodology to search the trending and demanding topics that generate a big traffic market on websites.

If you are still confused about how to start blogging then start with these best free blogging platforms for beginners.

Keyword research not only tells about the popularity of keywords but also identifies keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, and possibility of ranking.

Interesting? Of Course, it is.

Keyword research is magic which does half of the work.

The other SEO website Ahrefs claims that 90.63% of websites (approx 847,83,3932) are not getting a single visit!

And only 0.21% of websites get 1000+ visitors.

Free keyword research tools

Shocking! I know this is incredible but at the same it’s True.

What are free keywords research tools

As I mentioned, keyword research is an important foundation of content writing.

Writing a blog post without doing proper research is like putting a blind alley which will definitely not work.

Don't forget to know about blogger Ideas panel. The free tool by Google.

Some Free keyword analysis methods are more robust than that paid!

But users underestimate the power of free tools and blindly running for paid tools.

Although, this is very tough for beginners to do keyword research because:

  • They are financially weak

  • They can’t afford keywords research tools expenses

  • They have not proper knowledge

  • They do not know about Free keyword research tools

  • Beginners do not take seriously the importance of keyword research

Free techniques that I follow

Tool 1- Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest, a tool of Neil Patel( he is a well-known digital marketer and blogger).

This is the best tool for beginners that is absolutely FREE!

But here is a catch; Ubersuggest generates only 3 free keywords daily and after that, you have to pay some cent.

I think for beginners, 3 searches/daily are good enough and you don't have to pay for it.

Even you don't have to sign in for this service. Go to Google and search Ubersuggest in the search bar.

The first search result display like below:

Free keyword research tools for beginners

Then click on that link that leads you to the Free keyword research tool and you can put your Niche/keyword/content idea on the tool search box.

Now, select your country and language then click on the search button.

Free keyword research tools

It reveals the Volume of keyword, CPC, and keyword difficulty (SD). Along with it revealed the keyword suggestions or related keywords.

With these results, you can decide what will be your main keywords!

Now you can write great content by using your keywords along with an On-Page SEO guide and rank better without spending money.

Note- I highly recommend not paying for premium service if you are a beginner, first try to understand how all these works then go for paid service.

If you have little money then buy the Ahref tool here with the monthly expense of 80 rupees or 1 dollar only.

Tool 2- Google Search

You may know or not but google itself helps to find content and work as a free keyword research tool.

Let, understand this with the example;

Assume you want to write an article on Keyword research tools, then jot down your word on the search bar but do not press enter.

Free keyword research tools for beginners

You can recognize that you get more related queries to keyword research tools like the below screenshot.

Although, these are not the exact keywords you search yet these are the top search questions on google. So, you can include them in your post.

People also ask

As you scroll down, you find a section that refers to "people also ask". These are the related queries that Google expects you to include in your article.

Free keyword research tools

You can make them H2, H3, H4, etc heading so that your article will also rank for those keywords.

More the extensive articles you write, the more keywords you include, the more chances to get a position in search results. 

Tool 3- Word Tracker

Wordtracker is also a good platform for keyword analysis, Although it is not as good as ubersuggest yet it is Free to use.

It also provides numerous similar keywords in which you can rank.

Free keyword research tools

Search your keyword on the searching tab and wait to display results.

This keyword research tool reveals the following Characters including Volume:

IAAT (In Anchor And Title)

A record of webpages on which the keyword appears in both the title tag and the text of a backlink.


The greater this number, the more organic competition for the keyword.

The IAAT is the most promising feature of the word tracker and this is the only reason I use it.

Tool 4- Question hub

Google's question hub is the most underrated keyword research tool which delivers an unlimited number of organic keywords.

Google itself tells the bloggers to write on a particular topic that is not available on the Internet abundantly.

Question hub is a very vast topic to elaborate on, but I tell you in brief how it works.

How question hub works

Search on google as "question hub" and click on the first search which leads to the signup option.

On the left hand, a drop-down menu appears, and at the bottom click on the launch button.

Free keyword research tools

Fill in your email address or website URL and complete signup.

Great, You are ready to explore organic keywords.

In the left sidebar, you will find an add question option which opens a new screen where you can put your keyword then click on add question.

Free keyword research tools for beginners

Done! 10 questions will add to your dashboard. You can add more questions in the same way.

Final Viewpoint 

If content is the "King" then Keywords are "Commander" of blogging Kingdom!.

Keyword research is an inevitable part of content writing and keyword research tools are the ways to get your keyword and help you rank better.

But beginners hesitate to invest in those tools and it is obvious.

Even I purchased my first tool after 1 year of blogging. But nowadays lots of Free keyword research tools are available for beginners.

There is no need to buy any paid service especially in the starting phase of your blogging journey.

Use my above-mentioned methods, it will do great help to you.

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