Website vs Web Page- the untold truth no one tell you

Do you know the difference of website vs web page? You will say "Yeah, Everyone knows".

If I ask you to prove it… Now you get blank.

Let me ask you a question- when you search queries on Google, you get various search results.

What are they? Websites or web pages.

Website vs Web page

I know many of you don't have an answer. Maximum internet users do not have answers. That's why I am here to give you a detailed guide for website vs web page and more importantly, how it can kill your SEO strategies.

Let's start with the basic definition.

What is a web page

Web pages are single documents that may have the same name or title on Google search results.

Whenever you search in Google for any queries, the Google algorithm shows web pages related to your queries not websites. Web pages can directly access through the URL of the page.

Example of Web pages: blog post, about us, contact us, any page which builds up a website.

When you search in Google "what is SEO" then Google displays web pages.

Website vs Web Page

Now, did you get the answer to what I asked you to start? Good.

Then the question arises, What is a website?

What is website

Websites are the collection of various web pages which are linked via hyperlinks. Every web page is linked under the website, web pages haven't existed without a website.

Web page depends on website address but vice versa isn't possible.

Still confused ?? Let's understand with an example.

Imagine the month of as a website and days of a month as web pages.

Now, for the same month (website) every day is different (pages) and when these days (web pages) are combined they make a month (website).

Every day is different and unique as web pages but the month is the same as the website.

Examples of websites:, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Got it? How genius you are.

Let me Provide you a detailed analysis of the website vs web page.

Website vs Web page

Till now you get a basic understanding of website vs web page. Let me elaborate with a detailed comparison.
Read carefully all the difference below:


Web page



Single page document

Collection of web pages


Web page address depends on the website address

Vice versa is not possible


Access via a direct URL

Access via domain address

URL structure

URL structure contains hyperlinks

Only contains the domain name

Google search results

Google refers only to web pages for search queries

Rarely show on search results for query

Google crawl

Google crawlers only visit web pages

Crawlers never visit website


Only web pages get indexed as a post

Website not index as not crawled


Web pages never expire

Website expires as a domain expires (If not renewed)


SEO largely depends on web pages as they hold content

The website has a minor effect on SEO

Programming language

Python, PHP, Perl, etc

Working on same languages


Two web pages could be similar with a similar title

Two websites can never be the same


About us, contact us, blog post, etc

EGBlogGuide, Flipkart, Amazing, Paytm, etc


Easy to create (but need hard work)

Complex to create (but one-time effort)

Is this comparison worth it?

Yes, of course. This comparison tells you the basic difference of website vs web page and detailed analysis as well.

I formulated this comparison because generally, users do not understand the basic differences and similarly treat websites and web pages.

If you are a content reader then it does not make any conflict neither it is important what is web page or website.

But you are a content creator then it makes sense. You just can't ignore this distinction neither recommend you to do so.

Why I am telling you this? Here is the reason.

After reading the comparison you are very well aware of the difference but what if you don't know?

It can hurt your website, your web page, SEO, and your ranking.

But How?

As you know (Now), Google crawlers only crawl your web pages and index them which helps those pages to rank fast. But if you do not know about all these, how can you expect that you will properly optimize your web pages to index fast.

What if you only focus on your website and think that " website is everything". Instead of that web pages are more important than that websites.

Once the website is created you may not need to work on that as the website take over by your hosting services. But web pages compose regularly, you have to update them regularly so that your website works properly.

Now may I expect that you got your all answers? Or still curious?. Then do not forget to comment on me. I am always looking for you.

My ViewPoint

I hope you clearly understand the website vs web page. I think you never got this kind of detailed explanation for this topic. Even you may never believe that this topic could be such extensive.

But hey, this is just a glimpse of website vs web page. This topic can go beyond 5k words but for basic understanding, I think it is enough. Thank you for reading.

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